Creative, stylish and clear design: Less is more

We believe in designing websites that are clear and uncluttered: providing a spacious environment for your visitors to easily identify the important areas of your website. The "less is more" philosophy is becoming increasingly important especially at a time when people expect relevant information almost instantly. Webizm will put you ahead by intelligently designing websites that not only attract your audience to the key areas of your site but which are also visually stimulating.

We ensure that our design approach is based upon sound design principles:

Visibility and contrast:  This is about ensuring that users can easily discern the text elements from the image elements of the website. It is also about placing key information in a prominent place on each page.

Website Standards: Web users today are used to surfing the web and are familiar with the way pages fit together: A logo/branding element at the top of the page, a navigation element and text element, links that change (in some manner) when you hover over them. We, at Webizm, are not bound by these standards but instead embrace them to create unique and resonant sites which also provide the familiarity which make users feel comfortable.

Structure:  Organizing the layout of web pages allowing a separation of unique sections such as navigation, content, branding, advertising. These design cues help the user understand page content.

Consistency:  Crucial elements such as Logos, Menus/Navigation, colours, fonts, layouts etc are used consistently throughout the site

This is the key to exploring your site. A good, clear navigation component will significantly impact your search rankings and website promotion. The aim is for your users to be guided seamlessly to all areas of your site.

CSS Cascading style sheets

Webizm uses CSS extensively as we believe it's the way forward in professional, high quality web design. It is a style sheet language that allows complete control of the exact page appearance: from precise positioning of layout to specific fonts and colours, sizes, styles etc.

Here are some of the advantages of CSS:

Ease:  One of the main benefits is the easy maintenance of the website. If you want all the links in your site to be styled slightly differently, then it's a single change to the CSS style sheet.

Search rankings: 
CSS separates the presentation of a web page from the content of a web page. This means that the site becomes much more readable to a search engine and therefore provides greater website promotion potential.

Accessibility:  Sites using CSS can also provide greater accessibility. E.g. visually impaired users use "page reader" programs that can easily understand the page content. Hand-held devices are continuously growing in popularity so using CSS could make your website accessible to them also.

Speed:  A user's experience of a site utilising CSS style sheets will be quicker than sites that do not. This is because once the style sheet has loaded no style information will need to be downloaded for any subsequent pages as the CSS file will already be in the browser's memory (cache).

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