Reaching your target audience

There are two main aspects to promoting your website online: Firstly, reaching your target audience and secondly, exposing your site to search engine programmes (spiders & robots etc).

It is a vast and involved process that encompasses a huge range of factors. Website promotion has evolved into a discipline in its own right. Search engine programmes are now so sophisicated that they can 'read' and understand the content of your website. On a very basic level, they determine how relevant the content of your website is (to your chosen key words) and how popular your site is (how often it is referenced by other (relevant/popular) websites.

Webizm can work closely with you to help you grow your website into a powerful business asset. Creating a reputable site and effectively broadcasting it to your target audience and search engines alike will put you in good stead to receiving the traffic that you need.

Here are just a few of the ways in which Webizm can help:

Usability: This is about ensuring that your site is usable by everyone (including visually impaired users). Firstly, making sure there are no broken links or form errors, fast page load times etc. Secondly, good clear design and navigation elements

Structural Content: Having an organised hierarchy to your site. Topics and categorisation impact the ease whereby a user can find the required information on your website.

Authoring Quality Content: This is a crucial element to your site. Making your content relevant is one of the most important things you need to do in order to encourage high search rankings. Research your field, provide unique information, perhaps even publish in partnership with industry experts. Try and make each page a very useful one-stop resource. One great page is worth more than 1000 good pages.

Functionality: Providing tools on your website that encourage greater interaction with your visitor is a sure way to build a dialogue between you and your audience.

Behind the scenes: As well as all of the above (and much more), Webizm implement all the necessary background tasks/processes to ensure that you climb to the 'top spot'. Meta Data tags, correctly formatted links, appropriately worded page titles, valid HTML / CSS and much, much more..

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